translated from Spanish: Monckeberg states that «the idea of legislating» will be approved for pension reform

The Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Nicolás Monckeberg, defended the work of the government to vote on Monday «the idea of legislating» pension reform in the Committee of Labour of the Chamber of Deputies. This Sunday, the holder of the commemorated portfolio with 100 internal women’s prison in San Joaquin Mother’s Day, an opportunity in which the Secretary of State reiterated the Government’s commitment to the reintegration of all those who have Served prison sentences. Consulted on the vote on the idea of legislating the pensions project, the ministerial Authority stated: «I am sure that parliamentarians, the vast majority of them, will vote as they would vote for the 2 and a half million seniors in Chile. Older adults are receiving bad pensions and this project improves from day one to a very important number of people today and tomorrow. In the activity, Monckeberg said that «in Chile there are about 5000 women deprived of liberty, and the great majority of them are moms. We know that what is the light of hope for those deprived of liberty to have their second optunidad, to be rehabilitated and reinserted into society, is the love of mom who never loses it. A woman deprived of liberty does not lose her dignity and today Recordándolas to them on Mother’s Day, what we want is to tell the country that we have a commitment that is to rediscover and defend the dignity of all persons deprived of liberty, «the minister explained. Accompanied by the chaplain of the women’s prison, Nelly León, the Minister shared a breakfast with the inmates and later participated in a religious service. In this line, the authority highlighted the work done by Mother Nelly Day by day, noting that «the feeling of mother is so universal, that being a biological or spiritual mother is equally valid. She animates them, raises them and guides them to get ahead, to learn from the mistakes and that tomorrow come out with new tools to be able to reintegrate, for example, through the different programs. The center of San Joaquin currently has 599 internal women, of which 527 are mothers, five of them are pregnant and 416 participate in the labor programs carried out by the state. Labor reintegration is a real problem in Chile where a total of 139,132 people — of which 15,353 women — are in prison and where 70% of those who have committed return to the prison system. «For this day Peparamos an activity with all the women who participate in the Eucharist, and this year, we thank the minister who has come to share with us, to provide this breakfast in this court of conduct called Mandela, where women postulate Because they want to login a process of change. There is no discrimination here, as it is they who ask to be here to begin their process of change and reintegration, «explained sister Nelly.

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