translated from Spanish: Bullrich: «We demonstrate that we can do things with professionalism»

The national security minister, Patricia Bullrich, spoke at a press conference after all the suspects in the crime of Miguel Yadón were detained. There he confirmed that the motive of the crime was a passionate matter and the objective was not the deputy Héctor Olivares.
«Our best way to contribute to this was to generate a fast, professional and accelerated investigation that was not based on a hypothesis but on facts of reality,» Bullrich said. 

Accompanied by his colleague from the city, Diego Santilli and the province of Entre Rios, Rosario Romero, he highlighted the work as a whole, where he also joined the judge, the prosecutor and the police of Uruguay. «A follow-up was generated on a clan where not only a Vento was involved but also another that decreased its speed to the side,» he explained about the white car that appears in the video. 

Bullrich ratified his theory and considered it to be «a mafia clan that organized in advance the fact». To this end he explained that «together from five o’clock in the morning, they made strange movements through Rivadavia Avenue and from 6.20 they parked in the square», where they finally waited for Yadón. «The police of Uruguay without even having the order of Interpol arrested him with the order of a prosecutor Urugauyo,» he noted. Santilli, for its part, confirmed that they will see new security devices but above all «we will show the members what the security perimeter is.»

The entire «Gypsy Mafia clan» arrested, including the second in the car, one of the two killers of the staff and the badly injured Congressman Olivares. The last detainee in Uruguay. Thanks to Interpol Uruguay. The one who makes them pay!!! — Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich)
May 10, 2019

«Argentina in a few ohras and with the help of Uruguay solved a case that if not do so would have meant a very large political crisis,» said Bullrich and asked «congratulate us as a country because we demonstrate that we can do things with professionalism.» Finally, at the consultation on whether there will be new arrests, the minister asked to wait for the inquiries of the detainees.

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