translated from Spanish: Olivares ‘ Crime mobile investigated: «The attack was planned»

A few days after the attack on Congressman Héctor Olivares and the Riojan official Miguel Yadón-which happened last Thursday in front of the National Congress-Authorities investigate the motive of the fact that finally ended with the life of both men. » We have no certainty regarding the motives of the attack for now, but the authors of the fact are all detained. The attack was planned, because we have corroborated in the investigation that were previously assembled, «said the chief of Federal Police, Néstor Roncaglia.
In dialogue with Radio, the network considered that several mobiles are currently being analyzed. «We were not left with a single hypothesis, but so far no connection was found between the perpetrators of the attack and the victims,» he added. We are working with the expertise, with phones and computers hijacked, took place in Uruguay legal procedures to achieve the extradition of one of the detainees, and is working with the rest of the expertise, «said Roncaglia.

Juan Jesús Fernandez, one of the detainees | Photo: NA

Juan Jesús Fernandez «El Gitano», Juan José Navarro Cádiz «El Onion», Miguel Fernández, Rafael Cano Carmona and Luis Carmona were arrested for the attack. The five detainees for the double homicide will be investigated again by investigating judge Mariano Iturralde, this Tuesday for a crime that foresees perpetual imprisonment. The case carries the double homicide cover aggravated by treachery by the state of helplessness of the victims. » The urgency was to achieve the apprehension of the perpetrators and that goal was achieved in less than 48 hours; We found the gun. We now work with peace of mind to achieve the necessary test elements, «concluded Roncaglia. In this note:

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