translated from Spanish: Who died in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones

Historically, the last episode of each season of Game of Thrones was full of epic and equal-part violence. Last night was not the exception and the creators of the series were dispatched with a festival of Blood and Fire, which may be the most bloody battle so far. Of course, this sadistic episode claimed the lives of several main characters, who had the days numbered. The first to die was Varys, the master of Whisperers, executed for treason. His last act was to spread the news of the true lineage of Jon Snow and died the way he always lived, with a wise phrase and the interest of the people in the first place. But what does not end close is the fact that it was delivered by Tyrion, who also is again forgiven for his “mistake” by the mother of Dragons.

Varys declaring his allegiance to Jon Snow, what he interprets as a betrayal of Daenerys

Beyond the death of anonymous soldiers, the next on the list is Euron Greyjoy. It was almost the same if he died after the wreck of his fleet, is not a character that has really earned the affection of the public since it appeared relatively recently. However, it survives until it reaches the bank of King’s Landing and meets Jaime Lannister, just in time to hurt him with death and prevent him from saving Cersei. For most of the audience, the fight between these two characters was a waste of time. The other big showdown was known as ‘ Clegane Bowl ‘. The Grudge between the brothers Sandor “the Dog” and Gregor “the Mountain” was established since the first season, but the resolution of their conflicts through a duel was something more required by fans than the plot. Thus took place the fateful fight, which also claimed the life of the hand of the Queen regent, the enigmatic Qyburn. And he left a rather comic scene of Cersei escaping the fight, while the Clegane brothers were killing each other. Being Gregor offered more resistance than the king of the night himself and in a moment the fight seemed to end the same way as when the mountain faced Oberyn Martell in that fateful trial for combat. Finally, Sandor throws him into the fire to defeat him, facing his oldest fear and, by falling next to him, closing the circle of his not so fraternal history. But they were not the only brothers who died together and that parallelism is a rather strange narrative choice. Much was speculated with the death of Cersei at the hands of Jaime, the redemption of this and the suffering that awaited the biggest villain who had the series until this moment. Jaime was one of the most evolved characters in history, only to return to the place where he left off. Some see a very unfair ending for these two characters as equals, while this poetic death Romantiza one of the most perverse relationships of the series. While others believe to see fulfilled the prophecy of the ‘ Valonqar ‘, that younger brother who would end the life of Cersei with his hands around his neck, when it was drowned in tears. There is some justice in the fact that the Queen has died crushed by the weight of her own pride, but the detail that Jaime was next to her leaves a lot of doubts among the fans and is one of the most discussed endings. Undoubtedly one of the most tensioning and best-achieved moments of the episode was while the camera followed Arya Stark’s path through the ruins of King’s Landing, after leaving aside his desire for revenge for Cersei. Several times Arya was about to suffer the same fate as other characters, incinerated by the Dragon fire, crushed by landslides or a human stampede, but once again told death ‘ not today ‘. In this note:

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