translated from Spanish: 18 months of pre-trial detention for former mayor of Lima in the case of Odebrecht

A Peruvian judge dictated this Tuesday 18 months of prison anticipate To the former mayor of Lima Susana Villa will have financed the campaign against its repeal with money from the Brazilian construction companies Odebrecht and OAS, who had contracts signed or signed with the municipality of Lima.
Judge Jorge Luis Chávez, of the Third National Court of Preparatory investigation specializing in crimes of corruption of officials, lowered in half the request of the Prosecutor of confining in prison for 36 months while completing the investigation and opens Trial.
The judge considered that the 69-year-old Villa will have shown reluctance to investigate by not attending various citations for questioning and considered that there is a potential risk of obstructing the process.
The former mayoral Lima, who represented the leftist Social force movement, is charged with crimes of illicit association for criminal offence, self-made liability and laundering of assets allegedly receiving three million dollars from Odebrecht and three other OAS millions.
During the court hearing, the investigator had asked the judge to follow the process in freedom as he had done so far, where he had an impediment to leaving the country.
He also indicated that he would wait for the trial to defend himself against the accusations and reiterated that at no time had he personally benefited from the money received.
Villan said Monday in an interview with Radio Santa Rosa has long been ready to go to prison, after Saturday admitted that financed his campaign with funds from companies that had contracts with the municipality of Lima.
The leftist policy, which was the first woman to be elected mayor of Lima in a democratic way (2011-2014), said that he would not do it again but does not regret having made that decision because of the serious situation faced by the Peruvian capital in that Moment.
Villan faced in 2013 a referendum to be removed, promoted by his opponents, mainly the party of his predecessor Luis Castañeda, which led him to enroll in a large election campaign for the «No» when it was just a year to finish his Mandate.
The former mayor will spend the night in a dungeon before entering this Wednesday in prison, surely to the women’s prison of the district Lima de Chorrillos, where the opposition leader Keiko Fujimori is also detained for allegedly receiving funds from Odebrecht for its electoral campaigns to the presidency of Peru.
Judge Chavez will evaluate on Wednesday the request for entry in prison of José Miguel Prado and Gabriel Prado, two of the municipality’s close to Villa, who were allegedly also aware of the contributions made by Odebrecht and OAS.

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