translated from Spanish: Carrió agitates The internal one: “To travel Cordoba was to know that it won Schiaretti”

Elisa Carrió shot with everything against the electoral policy of change, which carries eight losses followed at the provincial level, many of them located third, far from the fight for the governorates. 
The last weekend to the government was lost in Cordoba, where his candidate was more than double the difference of the winner, Juan Schiaretti. There he was campaigning proselytizing Carrió: “To travel Cordoba was to know that won Schiaretti,” he said in reference to the works that Cordoba made. 
“I will argue in the bosom of change what the new and old policy means; or the classical and humanist politics and the politics of the truth and the Lie ” 

To explain the defeat, the official MEP summed it up in three points: “in front of the state apparatus, the corruption of the government of the city of Córdoba and the lack of strategy of change national, which is a constant, led to a change divided.” Carrió valued Negri’s role as a block chief to change in deputies and claimed that he was left alone in the struggle for governance. And threw a stick at Frigerio: “We changed did not support to change. The Minister of the Interior always made a partnership with the governors of the PJ. ”
“How terrible it is that all the Derortas are erased. I get disgusted ” 

The Chaco also fired on Bullrich, who said “better not to answer”. The Minister of Security criticized Carri’s sayings that “it is not possible to say that there is a narco-party.”

And the strongest sentence left her for the end: “That the national government does not feel prescidente, because in the provinces they have to defend a government that cannot obtain economic results and of that the candidates for governors are not to blame”.

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