translated from Spanish: Thousands of Israelis protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu again

The mavericks have been protesting for about five months because they believe Netanyahu should not rule while on charges of corruption and because of his handling of the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic has hit Israel’s economy hard and many protesters are young students and Israelis who have lost their jobs. Many of them carried Israeli flags as well as other black or pink flags, adopted as symbols for the foundations of the movements behind the protests. Amid a drop in temperature before the winter rainy season, Saturday’s number of nonconformes seemed lower than in recent weeks. Other smaller protests took place in Tel Aviv, opposite Netanyahu’s holiday home, in the luxurious seaside resort of Caesarea, as well as in other localities in the country.Netanyahu censors protesters and the studs of “anarchists” and “leftists.” Last spring, Israel acted swiftly to curb the coronavirus, sealing its borders and imposing a confinement that had apparently served to control the pandemic. But due to poor management of the reopening of the economy, the virus quickly returned forcing a second confinement to be ordered in September. The country is already slowly and cautiously reopening the economy to overcome confinement. Netanyahu announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire eight million doses of Pfizer’s new vaccine in development next year and if approved by local authorities.Netanyahu is accused of fraud, abuse of trust and accepting bribes. Netanyahu’s trial will enter in January in his probationary phase.

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