translated from Spanish: Mexibús L-1 Suspension Announced

MEXICO City.-The concessionaire of the Mexibús Line 1, Transmasso, announced the suspension of the service for debts of the Government of the State of Mexico. The suspension will be made next Monday, after the company has paid expenses corresponding to the Edomex, according to a communiqué published by Transmassive Networks. ” Derivative of the defaults with respect to the obligation of payment and guarantees that has the Government of the State of Mexico through the general direction Sitramytem, we will see in the necessity to suspend the service from Monday 20 of May of this year ” , the company says. He added that the Edomex owed them 17 million pesos and that they have solved for months expenses in the service of operation.

In this regard, the Government of the State of Mexico responded that it will guarantee the operation of Line 1 of the Mexibús. He also said that from 2017, Instrumentaron a monthly payment scheme to the concessionaire.
These payments are made through the trust derived from the tariff collection, so there is no reason for this possible suspension of the service.

“Considering the environmental conditions of the megalopolis area, it would be regrettable to suspend the service by the company”, explained Edomex.  On April 29, REFORMA published that the government of the State of Mexico not only failed with the unification of the system of access to the mass transit that it promised, but it worsened the supply of cards for its three lines of the Mexibús.

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