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On the eve of the internal election of the new president of the PRI, the national leadership that leads Claudia Ruiz Massieu was not another to recognize the stark reality, which during the last months have lost and whack about 5 million of militants , or that in practice these never existed, but that the standard was inflated. The Megadesbandada of PRI is due in large part to the disastrous defeat suffered by the candidates PRI in the electoral contest of July last year, since after several months of having started the Reaffiliation program, the numbers do not They gave for more and of the 6,386,000 militants who said they had only managed to accredit a 1,159,000. The leadership of the party was obliged to inform the authorities of the National Electoral Institute the rickety militancy with which they count now, because they ran the risk of becoming creditors to an economic sanction for each false affiliate that report heading To the next internal choice to be made. In Sinaloa and in Ahome are evident the ravages of the flight of pictures and militants of the tricolor, since several relevant figures of the party are now looking to place in brunette or take refuge in the ranks of the new party trying to create the leader of the SNTE Elba Esther Gordillo. The panorama is nothing flattering. Potpourri. Under the slogan that «Clearing Dawn», the state president of the DIF Sinaloa, Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, yesterday clarified that does not seek any candidacy, or governor, municipal president, MP or senator, simply does its job and if as a result of This has been going on for several months in the first places in national surveys and receiving recognition, at no time is done for the purpose of taking political crack. So, at one stroke he discarded for the 2021 contest and adds that he will continue to work for the benefit of women, children and older adults who represent the most vulnerable sector in society. Quirino. Pure Sinaloa and pure North, all weekend Governor Quirino Ordaz will dedicate it to the north because today is scheduled to make the support days «Puro Sinaloa» in Choix, also attend the presentation of the Big Fish fishing Tournament of THE DEBATE , then on Saturday will be held here in Los Mochis this day of support to host the Center for Community Development of the colony XXI century. Truce. As had been advanced, at the suggestion of the President of the AARFS, Mars Vega, the farmers celebrated yesterday in peace, left aside, for a moment, the fight in defense of the activity and clarified that the truce is only to seize impulse, but then restart More energetically the efforts of the support to the marketing of maize. Teachers. Until today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be greeted by the leaders of the CNTE and the SNTE, the two antagonistic currents that fight to the death control of the most numerous union in Latin America. It is also taken care that Elba Esther does not eat the errands.

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