translated from Spanish: Cyber Monday on the Internet for plastic surgery

Mr. Director:
It is approaching May 27, date that one of the most expected days by the trade is made, CyberDay. Companies affiliated to this event and others that are not taking advantage of the instance to increase their sales by the massive traffic of users on the Internet. This context is also conducive to the offer of travel, electronics, clothing, in the end anything that can even be marketed, surgical interventions of plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine procedures.
In Chile, it is estimated that no more than 30% of the cosmetic surgeries carried out are carried out by plastic surgeons accredited in the Superintendency of health and in safe clinical enclosures; In cosmetic medicine procedures such as botulinum toxin and facial fillers, among others, the percentage of benefits made by certified specialists is even lower.
This situation of commercial offers and lack of regulation to assure patients safety in the medical benefits already mentioned, generates a significant risk for the population. Many people who want to improve their physical appearance, are carried away by these prices that are shown on the Internet and social networks without taking into consideration that the low costs affect sanitary measures, adequate infrastructure and security elements, which It can put your lives at risk or have serious complications.
It is urgent that regulation be developed through modern, effective and medical-science-based regulation. It is also very important to educate patients, to be informed and not to continue being deceived by “Cyber Monday” of false specialists.
Dr. Claudio Thomas Bas

Original source in Spanish

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