translated from Spanish: About 180 people live in street situation in Mendoza

The entry of a polar cold wave led to temperatures dropping considerably. Given this panorama, the main concern is: what happens to the people who live in the streets of Mendoza? Since the Government reported that two years ago are carried out jointly with civilian organizations of comprehensive care that provide those who need free health checks, vaccination, DNI, breakfast and clothing, among other basic needs. The Ministry of Health, Social development and sports, through the management of contingency, is the area responsible for articulating actions to serve 180 people daily who are in street situation. The undersecretary of Social development, Marcela Fernandez, said: «Not all cases can be addressed, we work with the will of the person. A lot of people decide to live on the street and we can’t force them to go to a shelter. Those cases can’t be prosecute. We allow them places through an agreement with Remar, by which different homes have been arranged where both men, women alone, and those with children live. In these houses people can stay both morning and night, where they receive meals and accommodation. There we managed to address about 60 people. » We also have the refuge El Camino, a place that remains open all year round, where there are 120 people who sleep every night, get ASEAN and continue their lives for the rest of the day, «he explained. The undersecretary underlined: «We decentralise funds to the municipalities to fight against this problem and today those who show greater street situations are the departments of Valle de Uco and the provincial south. This has been growing because of each person’s decision to stay on the street. Faced with these situations, from the province we are already providing boarding strategies to have health controls, employment alternatives and a place to stay overnight. » The methodology of work is the recruitment of people who are in street situation or carry out strategies of survival. According to its Protocol of Action, it continues with the corresponding derivation and the joint action. The work carried out by the contingency directorate implies an approach of the problematic in different aspects that go from the health, to the work or the education, to give them the possibility to feel integrated to the society. This strengthening was achieved through coordinated work with other areas and allowed to offer better living conditions to these people. In this note:
Low temperatures
People in Street situation
Street situation

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