translated from Spanish: Medical note contradicts authorities over Aidee’s death

Aidee Mendoza, the 18-year-old student who received a bullet impact on the inside of his CCH-east classroom, She came to the hospital dead where she was transferred, More than an hour after the aggression was reported.
The reason why it took so long for her to move to the health center, which was Less than ten minutes from school, and the Circumstance and authorship of the crime, are still not clarified.
Of the murder of Aidee, perpetrated in broad daylight in a public place, have already passed 21 days.
Political Animal had access to The Legal medical note Which accounts for the official data of the death of Aidee. The information discharged does not coincide with what was initially reported by the attorney general and the capital police, both at the time of the event as well as in the condition of the young woman.
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The document details that the young woman entered the crash area of the ISSSTE Regional Hospital “General Ignacio Zaragoza” at 16 hours on 29 April. He did it already under the conditions of “resuscitation maneuvers”, And no Vital Signs. I mean, the young lady was already lifeless.
This report is transcribed:
“Female 18-year-old, which is found with basic and advanced resuscitation maneuvers with no vital signs with generalized pallor, during resuscitation maneuvers and detects major bleeding at the level of the 8th Intercoastal Space Midline Auxiliary Right detecting orifice of approx. 5cm in diameter, with hematoma in left Hypocondus anterior axillary line, without response to resuscitation maneuvers, Concluding that he came corpse“.
The document adds that, as referred by the paramedics who collected Aidee, when they arrived at the CCH Oriente, the young woman was reported with a “history of convulsive crisis and reanimation maneuvers Fc 0 Fr 0”. That is, with a supposed loss of vital signs since they came to school.
The legal medical note, signed by the Doctors of surnames Nolasco and Perez, concludes that Aidee Mendoza, with file number MEJA0001228-99, died because of a “Projectile wound of a firearm, probable double penetrating”.
How long has it been since I’ve been in the hospital?
From an hour 15 to an hour 30 minutes–at least–since The aggression was reported. According to statements by the students of the Aidee salon and witnesses, she was injured shortly after 2:30 p.m. And by 2:45 the school’s infirmary had already received notification that an incident had occurred in the classroom.
An internal report by the capital police indicates that the ERUM ambulance received the support request at 3 p.m., from Rubén Guevara López, head of the CCH Planning Unit. The report adds – without specifying the time – that the ERUM MX 061 arrived. He concludes by saying that the young woman lost her life by entering the hospital.
The above data Contradict the official information card That the attorney General’s office issued for these events on the night of April 29th. It first pointed out that the “Facts were recorded at 16:45 hours”, which is actually 45 minutes after the young girl had already died, and two hours after the incident was initially reported.
But in addition, the information card says that the young woman entered and died in the hospital. In fact He died before he got to the same, as the legal certificate points out.
Ambulance did not arrive, says witness; Director keeps silent
An eyewitness to the facts, a worker in the CCH-east, confirmed that Aidee’s emergency report was received by one of the nurses from the nursing service, named Veronica, at 2:45 p.m.
It indicates that they did not think it was a homicide, because Veronica reviewed the young woman and did not notice that she had a gunshot wound. He thought rather of a bursting of viscera, though his condition was critical. Veronica proceeded to give her first aid, and asked the CCH’s administrative secretary to request the immediate transfer to the hospital.
“The thing is, unfortunately, the ambulance never showed up. They gave him oxygen there and put a gastric tube in it, thinking there was blood but no. It was thought then of a bursting of a lung, but it was not clear. Then the doctors arrived in the afternoon and it was urgent that this girl was taken to the hospital, but Unfortunately if it took long for the ambulance to arrive, “said the witness.
Doctor Lourdes Cuautle, aunt of Aidee Mendoza, told Political Animal That the family has already questioned the director of the CCH-east, Víctor Efraín Peralta Terrazas, on how they handled the emergency and the exact times in which medical support was requested, but This one didn’t want to answer them.
Explained that it has versions (not confirmed at 100%) That a first ambulance would have reached the campus, but apparently this did not have the proper medical equipment, so they had to wait for a second unit to provide assistance.
Aidee’s aunt stressed that, irrespective of the precise circumstances in which the facts occurred, the family is convinced that There were negligences in emergency care, And therefore it is a matter to be investigated.
Few answers, several questions
Last Monday was three weeks of the murder of Aidee Mendoza and the case remains unclarified. The Office of the Attorney-General for Justice has not announced any conclusions-at least preliminary-of the investigation carried out on the occasion of the crime. Capital authorities indicated to this medium that the final results of various expert reports are expected.
Lourdes Cuautle confirmed that the PGJ has not given any definitive conclusions to the family. Last week they were informed that three lines of research are still open, although the one that has gained the most strength is that the 9 millimeter caliber bullet that wounded Aidee came from a distance of at least 150 meters.
He said that the authorities promised them that this week will give them access to the research folder, to know the progress on the different lines open.
“What is confirmed is that the bullet was 9 millimeters, which entered from right to left and affected the lung, liver and intestine of Aidee. But we still need to see where it came from and who was responsible. And also to be clarify the subject of the attention he received, “said he.
The girl’s aunt also announced that a march is being organized for the next 30 May, which would leave the angel of independence on the occasion of the first month of the murder of Aidee. The destination is not yet confirmed, but it would be in conjunction with other victim organizations.
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