translated from Spanish: “Pipo” Gorosito confirmed that he is still in Tigre and San Lorenzo loses a candidate

“More is to say what St. Lawrence means to me and what mobilizes me. It is a dream to be able to direct it but at this moment I gave my word to Tigre and I will fulfill it. ” This was the blunt sentence with which Gorosito gave a smile to the matador’s people, but at the same time closed the door to the leaders of the “cyclone”. After the great campaign he achieved, despite not being able to avoid the descent, but to get into the semi-finals of the Super League Cup, the next tournament will have to compete for the first national B. So the biggest concern of the leaders is to try to get most players to continue, starting with the DT, who already gave the OK.

Nestor Gorosito will continue as a Disney coach. Photo: NA

“The vast majority of players has already fixed their continuity, and as we have Word, we will continue,” added “Pipo”, which also emerged as one of the top candidates to lead to San Lorenzo, after the departure of Almiron, but that chance will have to wait. As for the “Cyclone”, all the cannons point to a name and is that of Juan Antonio Pizzi. The former coach of the selection of Chile already knew how to lead the team after a difficult time, and managed to lead a new championship, in 2013.

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