translated from Spanish: Roberto Lavagna: “Federal alternative is a closed chapter”

Some definitions, at least in the sense of “no”, took place on the day of yesterday. Roberto Lavagna, until 24 hours ago as a member of the Federal alternative, finally decided to take a step to the side and get off the Peronist space integrated among others by Sergio Massa and Juan Schiaretti. It was the governor’s own reelected of Cordoba who held after To know this decision that the candidate of this Assembly that seeks to constitute itself like a “Third Way”, was to leave the internal elections to take place on August 11. Almost as an advance on Monday the former minister of Economy and Production had stated that the space he integrated should be “with the consensus, not the mechanics of the internal.”

In the last few hours and in dialogue with all news, it ratified its presidential precandidacy by consensus 19, stating that Federal alternative “is a closed chapter”. ” What is power for? To improve people’s lives. Otherwise, it’s no good. As a result, one has to discuss ideas, projects and teams. It’s not that it’s difficult, I try to be coherent, “he remarked Lavagna. In that sense, the former minister of Economy of Eduardo Duhalde and Néstor Kirchner held that” in general, the grouts have not given results to the Argentines and in this case it was a question of lack of Coherence we both noted (in reference to Governor Schiaretti) yesterday, so that each one, calmly, took his course. ” The case of Scioli approached us, in short, Cristina Kirchner, which is what from day one we have raised: be on the sidelines of the rift, because the two sides of the rift do not look at the interests of people, “said Lavagna, referring to the call driven After the Federal alternative summit.

“For now, (I am candidate) of consensus 19, which is a group of part of the Justicialismo, union groups, part of the radicalism”, said Lavagna, by leaving open the possibility of an agreement with Federal alternative later. Surely the eventual incorporation of other referents has its correlate with the National convention of the Radical Civic Union to take place next Monday May 27 in Parque Norte. ” We are the anti-crack, or Cristina, or change. The ones we try is to build a center space, attracting people from both sides, of course, “the former minister of Economy and production concluded in this sense. In this note:

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