translated from Spanish: Black Mirror returns, the series that will make you hate technology

London.-The creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, confesses annoying when people perceive that their series is against the technology or makes them suspicious of it. Perhaps what we distrust is the human being’s own ability to control it? Brooker has clear this last reading and, as he explained to Efe in an interview in London, «in almost all episodes the characters are those who do things wrong, not the technology, which is neutral.» Netflix premieres on June 5 The three new episodes that form the fifth season of this series that draws, independently in each of the chapters, a parallel universe in which, in one way or another, technology has taken a crucial role , but it always ends up transforming into something disturbing. However, both Brooker and the production company of the series, Annabel Jones, insist that they are not «antitechnology» and, if they were, they would have «the worst job in the world» because they «use it all the time». We love technology, all we introduce in the episodes we like because it is to make life easier and exciting, «said Jones, while emphasizing that the key is» find the balance and that you are the one who controls the technology and not it to you. » When inventing new worlds to set productions, it is usual to resort to magic or super powers but, on this occasion, the creators gave him a twist and to make «unusual things» used «technological miracles» of which we are surrounded day by day, elevated to its maximum power. Brooker indicated that his intention was to «introduce bizarre concepts, with horrible twists and a dark spot.» We wanted to tell modern stories that took place in contemporary times and to put on the forefront worries and fears that people have in the present time, «Jones argued. To inspire, Brooker assured that» they don’t watch the news, «but They keep long conversations about ideas and things they’ve seen to try to hit on the original idea of each chapter.

«Smithereens», «Striking Vipers» and «Rachel Jack and Ashley Too», are the titles of the three new deliveries, whose strong plate is called Miley and Cyrus, and stars the third of them.
The star of the Disney factory has been for years to move away from that image of a good girl, something that has managed to be controversial and have exalted as one of the most popular pop stars.
That was precisely what Brooker and Jones were looking for, that a true diva of the song would play that role in fiction to make it «a credible character right away.»

«We are not a long-haul series, we have only one chapter of an hour in which we have to tell a story with many ideas, so from the first scene you have to believe that it is a pop star,» commented Jones.La producer unveiled that his «dream» was that That person was Cyrus, but they didn’t have too much hope that he would ever read the script, because he’s a very busy person. However, what was his surprise when the American not only read the script, but liked it and immediately agreed to collaborate on the project. » It was very generous. I think he also liked the script because he felt his own professional career reflected, «added Jones. Actors Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, Damson Idris, Andrew Scott, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport and Ludi Lin also appear in this fifth season, which, as always, promises never to leave anyone indifferent. 

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