translated from Spanish: The sad reality of oral health in Chile

Mr. Director:
The television channel 13 issued a report on the sad reality experienced and suffered by nearly half a million Chileans, who have long been waiting for dental care needed to solve their oral health problems.
Oral health is an area that strongly reflects social inequalities in Chile. Unlike other environments, in Chile dental care is an area that many families and people, and society as a whole, prioritize and value.
The Smiles Foundation, as one of the Civil society organizations, advocates better dental coverage in the public and private health system. In the report referred, users of the foundation relate the personal accomplishment they have achieved after recovering their oral health, as they significantly improve their self-esteem and quality of life.
It is time to rethink the system of securing, financing and providing dental services for our country. To this end, it is necessary to convene health and social development authorities, as well as universities, dental professionals and the users of FONASA and ISAPREs, with the purpose of addressing public policies that allow for the advancement of People in Chile can smile more and better.
Marco Cornejo Ovalle

Original source in Spanish

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