translated from Spanish: Bexel promotes the quality of life among its collaborators

Promoting the quality of life of employees, collaborators and nearby communities has been a constant for Bexel, a Mexican company focused on providing integral products for the construction industry, which received for the ninth consecutive years a recognition As a socially responsible company.
In an interview, Margarita Blanca Zambrano Gamez, deputy director General of Bexel, details some of the efforts that the company has undertaken both inside its facilities and out to build a better Mexico.
-What are the main actions that Bexel this year receives a new recognition as a socially responsible company?
Margarita Blanca Zambrano Gamez (MBZG): This is already our ninth year, so it has really been a work of continuous improvement, it has not been something we invent, a new situation, but we have been building on the commitments that we have been plotting as Part of our operational and culture strategy. These are really actions that contribute to the culture of the company. We have focused a lot of our efforts on the quality of life of our team, our collaborators, inside the company, but we have also taken some outward actions coupled with what we already did before they have been contributing to the Construction of this culture. Among some things, we have worked on benefits and benefits issues, many flexible schedule initiatives have been implemented, hours bank, flexibility in these issues to help our collaborators to be able to manage their times in a better way because For us it is also very important that integration with your family, work and your free time. Also, another issue that we have worked on is infrastructure in plants, we have improved our facilities. We continue to add improvements and work together with associations to be in line with all the regulations, besides being always present and having that in continuous progress.
“Another thing that we have been working on is to keep our business ethics subject, where transparency, communication, are factors that have always distinguished us, we have very interesting programs that have been developed around the Training, both internal of our people and their development and at the same time collaborators who work with our clients, we have trainings to work together, in the end we are business partners then are some of the many activities that We do to continue contributing in this culture of corporate social responsibility.
The company of the branch received the recognition as ESR for ninth year.
— The reconstruction of houses in Xochimilco was also supported, what did this action consist of?
MBZG: The reconstruction of houses in Xochimilco is an initiative that was built by the hand of one of our suppliers, starting from this chain of value with our business partners and invited us to participate in this program of reconstruction, then in Together with Dow Chemical and other companies that were also part of that project. We participated in this very interesting project of reconstruction with material, with advice, with our people voluntarily, then it was very father that initiative where different companies we integrated to a common good.
-Were homes damaged by the quake?
MBZG: Yes, then it is part of a reconstruction project because it was DOW with Habitat for Humanity and they invited some companies to join that initiative and there we participated with them.
— What are the benefits of the training work they do?
MBZG: Really in all the training programs to our clients have been very interesting results because in the end it is very important that, what they are going to sell know what it is, is to give them tools to continue growing in this topic. Obviously it is very punctual, technical, in conjunction with some associations that have always been there supporting. We invite a lot of people from outside to participate in those technical workshops. But I believe that not only is the technical training per se, but also transcends the culture, that is, it really permeates up to there the way of working. So that outward training brings benefits from being collaborators in joint projects and bringing better practices out, to what is the installation or use of our products and at the same time inward, because we attack different items of Training to our collaborators. Part of our strategic goals is expansion and growth, so training and development are part of going hand in arm with our team in that growth.
-What are the support for the children of the workers?
MBZG: We have many initiatives around our collaborators and their families, for example, to their children we invite them to participate in some internal campaigns, we help them with school support with both materials and all the agreements that we have developed with Universities to get discounts and scholarships so that they have access to them. We also support them with some technology equipment programs, such as computers to have appropriate tools and we are implementing initiatives to help them develop other talents, not just academic issues.
— What is the school support program around your plants?
MBZG: Part of these quality of life initiatives are not only indoors but also out of where we have operations. We look in that environment to support both schools and agencies, one of our main approaches is to support education, we are always looking for something close that we can help in improving their facilities, helping to improve their study programs with Tools. We have always had some approaches, but today has translated into part of a continuous dynamic and at the same time we are making alliances with some associations that support the development of people who are in the construction industry. So, to set an example, we are designing to bring education to the works, then a classroom is built and there they are taught classes to complete their primary, secondary or what they have to complete and also are given training on the Installation of the same products that are installed in the works.
-Do you believe that large companies do enough to support society?
MBZG: In this way I have encountered companies that have made very interesting initiatives and that is worldwide, not just in Mexico, where they mark the pattern and a course to infect all of that culture. I think it is part of the responsibility as a person, from the trench where you are, collaborate to help our country develop better and then I think that all companies in one way or another contribute something. Many have found a thousand very creative ways to help and support.
— What efforts do you make in the field of health?
MBZG: Some other initiatives that are also followed strengthening is to continue working around the support to the health, in in particular with all the brigades of health so that our collaborators have with free hand some checks, more all Industrial security campaigns. We have a very interesting approach in developing the subject of quality of life, decent work and education and it always causes that effect where it also translates into issues of helping the environment, to help other social development goals that all go hand.
-What social projects come in the door for Bexel?
MBZG: We already have a few years focused on specific issues such as education, health and quality of life, it has always been part of our culture to support from feeding the homeless, from helping immigrants. We have also worked to support associations that support sick children.
— Anything else you want to add?
MBZG: Yes I am very proud of all the work we have built in team, the truth that I think this culture has been installed, or we have nine years and have matured a lot in this time, this maturity that we have achieved, the truth is noticeable. It really is an integral platform that contributes to the development of our country.

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