translated from Spanish: Even Red Sox of San Pedro The final series of the Senior

Guasave, Sinaloa.-Red Sox of San Pedro took off a disadvantage of two races in his last chance at the bat before Deportivo Corerepe and that way they won with cartons of 8-7 to put to hand the final series of the League of Infantile baseball and juvenile of the Club San Jose , Senior category. Next Saturday these squares will have to define who is the monarch of this campaign, where by the way the Corerepe go for the bichampionship. Actions
In the same dawn of the match went forward Corerepe by 1-0, but in the lower part of the same first roll answered San Pedro when making a couple of “hairlines.”
In the third round the current monarchs of the circuit stepped three times the rubber to put up 4-2, but in that same inning approached Red Sox 4-3 to make one and in the lower of the fourth managed to match the score to mark another. Deportivo Corerepe returned to the attack in the sixth when making three races to go up 7-4, but in the Baja was put 7-5 to step again the plate San Pedro.
The current kings of the Senior category came to try to take out the last three outs of the challenge in the seventh, but there they came the world over.
With bases full and two thirds out came Pavel Navarro to shoot simple that towed the races that put the cartons 7-7. With runners in second and first was intentionally passported to the next batter, seeking to force the last third in any base, but Ramón Velázquez appeared and surprisingly they touched the spherical to get a hit inside the box and so fell the Race that gave the Red Sox win.
Arce Álvarez was the credit arm after holding two innings in relief work, as José Manuel Gastélum’s opened. By Corerepe succumbed Gael Morales, also in relief work, because before he was in the Lomita the Red Roma initialist, as well as Daniel Armenta.
Arce Álvarez, of 3-3, as well as Damián León, of 4-3, and José Manuel Gastélum’s, of 4-2, were the best bats by San Pedro. Alexis Rubio and Carlos Quiñónez rang from 3-3 to the ball by Corerepe, as Eduardo Cisneros left 2-2.
On Saturday at 9:00 hours the final duel will be played in the camp No. 3 of the Club San José.

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