translated from Spanish: Minister of Education and curriculum change: “We need to broaden the areas of freedom for students”

In conversation with Radio T13, the Minister of Education, Marcela Densa, referred to the decision to establish that the branches of history and physical education, are optional for students in the third and fourth half.
The Secretary of state said that a new curriculum is needed for these courses that “are studying the same as the last century.”
“We need to broaden the scope of freedom for the students. History by the latest reform all content is taught until the second half and what is next is deepening or civic education, that is what will follow, “he said.
Den also said that “education cannot be just forcing, we have to rely on the educational community and that students can delve into the subjects of their interest.”
“What can happen is that teachers are missing more than they are left without hours. There is disinformation, because the curricular change comes from the 2012, and 3 ° and 4 ° half were the pending task. In February (2018) The common Plan had already been tested, we had to expand the supply of deepening bouquets, “said the minister.
The minister also said that the opposition was the sector that prompted the National Council of Education to decide whether or not to approve the common plan. “They also imposed citizen education by law. They are mistaken for authority, who they have to go to claim is the Council and they are mistaken for the deadline. I would like to say that I share the Council’s decision to advance to spaces of freedom. ”

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