translated from Spanish: Brunette counselor disabled for criticism against Polevsnky

The National commission of Honesty and Justice of Morena sanctioned Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán with the suspension of his partisan rights and his disqualification to be a candidate for violating the statutes of Morena.
The resolution points out that Rojas Díaz Durán made “expressions of denostación and/or slander against Morena, its organs and its leadership”, besides that through its social networks it made public internal affairs of the party.
This, the document says, “generated a direct impact on the image of this political party of its organs and its leadership; In addition, and as an important aggravating factor, it has not served its responsibility to go to the internal instance for the resolution of conflicts, that is to say, the National commission of Honesty and justice. ”
The resolution states that the statements against the party leader, Yeidckol Polevnsky “could even be a character of gender-based political violence, as referring to the leader does so in an ironic, sarcastic and mocking manner.”
The Commission pointed out that there are sufficient elements to prove the grievances against the party so Rojas Díaz Durán will receive the following sanctions:
-All their partisan rights will be suspended for a period of 3 years.
-Will be removed from any position that holds inside Morena. He was currently State party adviser in Mexico City and alternate senator of Ricardo Monreal.
-You are disabled to be able to participate as a candidate nominated by Morena and to participate in the bodies of management and representation of the party.

The @CNHJ_Morena reports that it sanctioned the C. Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán with the suspension of his partisan rights for 3 years, the dismissal of his partisan position and the disqualification to be candidate of #Morena. @diazpol
Full resolution:
— CNHJ MORENA (@CNHJ_Morena) May 28, 2019

On 14 May Rojas Díaz-Durán demanded that Polevnsky give up his position in order to compete again on an equal footing by the leadership, as he said, not to do so “would be judge and part” in the process of renewal.
“Any leader who has aspirations to the national presidency of Morena must renounce the position he holds, because they are using public resources for personal promotion and has control of the administrative apparatus and the leadership State, “he said.
According to reports from the Reforma newspaper, the Director also noted that Polevnsky has “direct access to the Affiliates ‘ registers, the actors ‘ committees of true change and national and state councillors across the country.”
Rojas questioned the way Polevnsky came to the leadership of Morena, because he said, has been “thanks to the good fortune to be close to our founder, by fortuitous situations and unexpected circumstances, and not for having been a fighter who faced the Authoritarian and anti-democratic political regime in the most repressive times. ”
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