translated from Spanish: Privé-Swiss: The exclusive rehabilitation Clinic of Kit Harington

The end of Game of Thrones hit us hard, especially to Kit Harington. Disappointed by the development of his character in the final season of the series and overwhelmed by the pressure it meant to interpret it, he had no qualms about this publicly and even show his reactions in the documentary that premiered HBO on Sunday. In addition, the excess of work that represented the intensive production of the final season left him with a state of stress and fatigue worthy of a treatment accordingly. What was initially reported as a ‘ rehab ‘ for fatigue and alcohol abuse, was quickly dismissed by his representative, declaring that it is actually a ‘ welfare retreat ‘.

The private complexes of the institution offer a relaxing atmosphere and away from the daily tumult, with the possibility of entering and leaving at will

Harington was voluntarily interned at the Privé-Swiss Clinic, a Exclusivísima institution in Connecticut that provides personalized treatments to its distinguished clients. This clinic only accepts a maximum of three patients at a time and costs about 120,000 dollars per month. The duration of the treatment depends on each person and manages a level of discretion that attracts many celebrities. They have no presence on social networks, nor do they advertise anywhere. Recommendations fly from Word of mouth. With this concept that seems to have emerged from a mystery novel, the clinic offers comprehensive treatments to high profile personalities, ranging from therapeutic care to physical training. Patients are installed in a private complex overlooking the beach, where they have a staff of companions, psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, alternative therapists and even their own chef. Each one with decades of proven experience in their specialty and the discretion needed for each case.

Each patient has his/her own staff available all day, from therapeutic companions to a chef

The founder of this institution is Heidi Kunzli, an American businesswoman of Swiss origin who went through her own ordeal of alcohol addiction in her youth. With a history of more than twenty years of sobriety and the vocation to do the same for others, he discovered a niche that was not being exploited and decided that he could help those who seem to have it all, but do not know who to trust. He graduated in psychology and worked in the field until he was able to establish his own institution. Over the years, other ‘ luxury clinics ‘ tried to copy their model throughout California, and decided to close most of their facilities to not be associated with charlatans.
Some customers come here because all those who are part of their lives are on the payroll. They just don’t know who to trust.

Today it has only two Privé-Swiss centers in the United States, whose goal is to move the best of the holistic and progressive rehabilitation clinics of Switzerland to this side of the planet. The program teaches its customers how to deal with stress and negative emotions, which is exactly what Kit Harington needed. The actor was an unknown face when the series began and overwork and sudden fame caught him off guard. Now that he finally has a hole in his agenda, he decided to take the opportunity to work on his personal problems. In this note:

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