translated from Spanish: Woman who burned her grandchildren’s hands was released

Maritza Collare, the woman arrested after being denounced To burn the palms of the hands of two of his grandchildren with a hot knife after they lost 750 pesos of his house, was released this Wednesday.
Collare was formalized for the crime of less serious injuries in the context of domestic violence.
«I only did (was) correct them. I wanted to show my grandchildren that they shouldn’t steal, because it wasn’t the first time they took money from me and they lied to me, «he said after the hearing.
«I wanted to scare them, nothing more, so that they would not take anything else from them again. I always instilled them not to bring pencils or gums, they instilled they do not have to take anything. The threatened, but I didn’t burn them, I just wanted to scare them, an example, «he added.
The complaint was made by the school where children under the age of 6 and 8 attend Quilicura. After talking with the children, the protocols were activated, said Daniela Rivera, head of school coexistence at the Belén Educa Foundation.
«The teacher knows his students, so it is noticed on the morning of yesterday that something happens and at that time the protocols of coexistence of the school are activated that correspond in this case and immediately proceed to make the complaint in Carabineros and the Subsequent opening of protective measures in the Family Court, «Rivera said. 

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