translated from Spanish: Arenia Casino Manager Among the victims of the clash at Avenida Bemelinas in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.-One of the three men who died in the clash of a luxury car against a tree, this on the avenue of Melinas, turned out to be David Quiroz Moreno, manager of the Casino Arenia, commented sources close to the police authorities.
The aforementioned employer was identified minutes after being transferred to the morgue, where he was rigorously necropsed. The aforementioned accident happened around 04:30 hours this Thursday, just at the height of the Plaza Morelia.
The names of the other two deceased have not yet been revealed, in addition there are two survivors, who suffered severe injuries, they are: Manuel H. and Omar S., 25 and 26 years of age, respectively, who were channeled to the Civil Hospital.
At the site of the tragedy were presented the paramedics of the Red Cross and state Civil protection, as well as the elements of firemen Morelia, who helped the wounded.
It went down that when the rescuers came to the scene still had life David, who was pressed inside his car Cadillac, color wine, with PGB447T plates. However, due to the severity of the damage he suffered, Quiroz Moreno Feneció at sunrise and at the scene of the events.
The bodies of the victims were taken out with the help of a hydraulic tool and consecutively the members of the General coordination of expert services took them to the forensic medical service facilities. The agents of the early care unit, dependent on the state attorney General’s Office (FGE), took charge of the relevant investigations.

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