translated from Spanish: Subject attacks marriage in Zitácuaro, Michoacán; There’s a dead

Home Security Subject attacks marriage in Zitácuaro, Michoacán; There’s a dead

Zitácuaro, Michoacan.-A man died and his pregnant wife was injured when a empistolado shot them outside the perimeter fence of the bus station of Zitácuaro.
According to the police and rescue authorities, this happened on Thursday afternoon, at the edge of the Beltway Francisco J. Múgica, Colonia Heroes Railway.
It went down that the murderer escaped and the facts were reported to the number of emergencies 911. Consecutively arrived the elements of the police Michoacan, as well as members of firefighters and Municipal Civil Protection, who confirmed the demise of the male and auxiliary to the female.
The sources commented that the now deceased responded to the name of Juan Miguel, 32 years old, who was appreciated a bullet impact on the head. While the survivor is Itzel, 28 years old, herself who suffered a left shoulder injury and a hand thumb, she was channeled to a hospital.
The woman told the police that an unknown subject intercepted them, pretended her husband with the gun and shot them, consecutively fled. It is unknown what the motive of the aggression was.
The agents of the Regional prosecutor’s office arrived at the scene and took charge of the respective investigations and some criminal experts moved the body to the morgue for the practice of necropsy rigorous.

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