translated from Spanish: Claudio Bravo: «I have never marginalized or renounced the ‘ red ‘»

Claudio Bravo, goalkeeper of Manchester City and former captain of the Chilean selected, was clear in noting that he has not renounced the ‘ red ‘ during the process of Reinaldo Rueda and is available for future calls. The experienced goalkeeper was left off the payroll of the ‘ team of all ‘ for the America Cup of Brazil 2019, where the combined will go for the continental trichampionship. For Rueda, Bravo was the margin of the list because of its scarce activity when leaving only a serious injury. Consulted for his situation in the ‘ red ‘, the formed in Colo Colo declared in dialogue with Telemundo Deportes that «there is always the desire to participate and contribute in the selection, to do things in the best way possible. I have never been marginalized or renounced as speculated. I am always with the work of wanting to add, but a nomination is not up to me, depends on the technician and the function you expect from your archers. » When it comes to making known its greatest achievements with the Casaquilla of the selected, the former Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona said that «the two most important memories are to have lifted the two American cups. The fact of being an important part of you is full of pride and is part of the work, perseverance and perseverance of many years. » Meanwhile, at the time of referring to the absence of Chile in the last World Cup, the native of Viluco indicated that «I still generate many things, because I know what the motives were.» Finally, the experienced meta spoke of the rupture of his left Achilles tendon that suffered in August 2018 that had it all season 2018-2019 off the courts. «It was a serious, complex injury, I had to be long idle. It happened to Me in a normal action of training, isolated, not even of much effort. But I’ve always been a pretty cerebral person in this kind of thing, I know it’s part of, and I think that way it has allowed me to accelerate my process very much and feel good ahead of time. And now I’m on the reborn part when you get this kind of injury, «he sentenced.

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