translated from Spanish: The pediatrician will continue to be detained in the case of child pornography

Judge Maria Alejandra Doti took place at the request of the prosecutor Daniel Dupuy and gave the preventive prison to the pediatrician Ricardo Russo, head of the immunology and rheumatology of the Garahan Hospital, for possession, distribution and production of child pornography, after a Extensive audience with the doctor and his advocate. The crime charged to the doctor is so far the possession and distribution of child pornography, which is typified in article 128 of the Penal code with a sentence of one month to six years in prison.
Russo, aged 55, was arrested this Wednesday at the parking lot of the pediatric Hospital for the research «Luz de infancy III», initiated in the United States.

«There is really strong material for detention,» said the deputy head of government in charge of security in the city, Diego Santilli.

According to the investigation, there are images of children between 6 months and 14 years old, and in many of these videos «stretched out and the same doctor in the production of the material took part». The authorities of the Garrahan pediatric Hospital requested «that the institution be constituted as a particular complainant in the cause of the prosecution» was reported in a press release.

The Hospital expressed its repudiation, ratified the physician’s departure, and denied that images or videos that correspond to locations within that pediatric facility have been hijacked. Yesterday, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, explained that in November 2018 40 raids were made simultaneously in Argentina and Brazil to disrupt an international network of child pornography that would be part of the doctor.  «It is not ruled out» that there may be more people involved, «said Santilli and promised» to continue working inch by inch to disrupt this organization that distributed and generated pornography. » In this note:

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