translated from Spanish: The tense reunion between Joche and Fernanda Figueroa

Nothing is more uncomfortable than meeting an ex, it happens in everyday life and also in the lives of celebrities. José Luis Bibbó and Fernanda Figueroa lived in the avant-première of the film Godzilla II. According to LUN Marco Antonio Figuera’s daughter came to greet the trans-Andean, he was uncomfortable with the kiss on the cheek he received. Figueroa referred to the subject: «His reaction is understandable. Maybe he still has a grudge against me and I respect him. It’s all right. I’m not going to make her the stranger because I spent four years with him, he said. Regarding the reunion the model commented. » I already sané all my wounds I had with him, so I approached. I thought ‘ if you want to talk, we can talk, ‘ but I saw your reaction and it was like an ‘ Don’t come near me ‘, ‘ he added. Regarding the meeting, Fer indicated that «we do not end in good but I Joche I have much affection still. The problem I had with him was left behind, I already forgave him. If I see him right now, I’m going to say hello to him for that huge affection I have. » Meanwhile, the Argentine to be consulted said that «The last time I saw the Fer was a year ago, we never saw, nothing. But good vibes, all right. I never talked to her again, but it’s better that way. I’m fine like this, I have nothing to say to you. »

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