translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez insists on adding Sergio Massa to the front: “You are invited”

Since the formula was resolved Fernandez-Fernandez, the Peronist Front seeks the union to return to power after four years of mandate of Mauricio MACRI, and in the search for names, do not rule out any kind of alliance. On that list, one of the names that heads it is that of Sergio MassaEl candidate for president in 2015 achieved a large number of voters, which then could not hold in the legislative elections, but still its influence is something that in peronism arises as a variant. Before that, Alberto Fernandez himself referred to the possibility of joining the block before 22 June.

Alberto Fernandez called Massa: “The decision is in him.” Photo: NA

“Massa is in the same situation as all those who have not come to the front that we want to build: He is invited, we want him to participate, to be joined, we believe it is important, but the decision is in it”, slipped the former chief of Cabinet in dialogue with Radio 10. Fernandez also added that he held talks with the former mayor of Tigre about it. “I have spoken many times with him, I told him what I believed, but the decision is in him. Now we have to start worrying about talking to people, summoning them, telling them what we want to do, giving them peace of mind. ” In this note:

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