translated from Spanish: Corn Demand Federal Attention | THE DEBATE

They couldn’t stand a second longer. The hartazgo of corn yesterday reached its limit, and are not willing to take a step back to achieve not just be heard and cared for by the federal authorities, but also receive their protection from the greed of industrialists in the marketing of their Crops. Bet from the 10:40 hours in the toll booth of San Miguel Zapotitlán, members of the organization peasants United of Sinaloa closed two lanes and lifted two access pens to allow the free passage of motorists on the road International Mexico 15. For them, this is a reaction to the false discourse of the Government of Mexico, in which they assure that the commercialization of grain is a solved issue; In practice, however, they are painfully aware that this is far from being real, because as industrialists never try to take advantage of the situation by not respecting the new international price of the harvest, which reached more than 4000 pesos per Ton, and wanting to pay them about 500 pesos less per tonne on the grounds that the upward protection clause was not included in the contracts. As if it were not enough, the industrialists continue to Empecinados to charge 150 pesos per tonne for the reception of the grain. There are winds of change in Mexico, no one doubts, and from the government these winds must smell justice, enforce the law and not allow industrial greed to hurt one of the most noble productive sectors, such as agriculture.

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