translated from Spanish: Jimena Barón before the march of not one less: «I admire women cobra»

On June 3, 2015, women, families, journalists and artists filled the Congress square to demand the government measures to prevent the murders of women. It began to question the modes of communication, revictimize the victim, and announced an alarming figure: «Every 30 hours a woman dies in Argentina.» The fight continued, years went by, there were added causes to demand the responsibility of the State. Since 2015, until the 2019, 1193 women were killed, mostly by a male in their family circle. But it was accomplished and a lot. The deconstruction on gender issues became an agenda item, coupled with the struggle for legalization of safe and free abortion in the country, which was presented for the eighth time last Tuesday.

Jimena Barón | Photo: Instagram @baronjimena

Actresses and artists also joined the mobilization for the causes, showing a sexist network that disciplines and indoctrinates the bodies of women. Among them, the Argentinean actresses Collective, Miss Bolivia, and many more. Jimena Baron also went and is one of them. Yesterday, in the frame of the fifth march for «no less,» he wrote a posting in his official Instagram account, moved by the young women who today use the lyrics of their song as a slogan of struggle and empowerment.

«Women I learn from you every day, because shit that was rusty the chip they put us in! But slowly I’m eliminating everything that was wrong, what was like the re-ass and what can never happen again. I admire women cobra, they fill me with pride, emotion, they put me goose bumps. I drink to bravery, to this rebirth and to this Union, «it is read at the beginning of its text. Remember that recently, Jimena premiered «La Cobra», a song that reflects its metamorphosis, how it changed: it is no longer «the Fool», but a powerful animal that will take advantage of the circumstances that lived, which is no longer afraid.

Jimena Baron’s emotion for not a less | Photo: Instagram @baronjimena

«Let them not touch us any more, if they touch one touch all. Talk, seek help, trust you and throw away everything you’ve been told and all the shit you’ve been made to feel. Start again, new, together. I hope to help a little bit with my new music, although in reality those that save me are you, «he continued. Jimena recognizes that her struggle is born and feeds on the girls who are also mobilized for the cause. She knows what she had trouble going through her pain to be the woman she is today: «Thanks for this sign in the March, do not know what it means to me, not for success, not for the song, my experience and what it cost me to tell and leave me alone that Place that so badly made me. » Thank you for making me feel like it was all worth it. Thank you for putting the woman in this new place at last! Thank you, ladies. And all the sons of shit… It will fall, «he closed. In this note:

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