translated from Spanish: Young man shot dead in a police chase in Cerro Navia

An 18-year-old died after receiving at least four hits to Bala in the midst of a police chase in the commune of Cerro Navia.
The event took place in J. J. Perez Avenue with Calle Mariano Necochea, to where relatives of the victim arrived to reprimand the police personnel, since they assure that the young person would not have relation with the operative.
According to what was told by the Carabineros, after noticing the attempt to assault a pedestrian, they would have started a chase against a van in which their occupants would have run over two police officers. In response to this, uniformed personnel would have made use of their service weapon.
According to the victim’s family, attaching even a backup photograph, the young man was leaving a nearby evangelical cult when he was picked up by the vehicle, so it would be unrelated to the attempted assault.
The young man, who died in the place, received at least four shots, one of them in the head.
His family accuses that when he noticed the police, he would have come down with his hands high. However, the Carabineros would have carried out in the same way the gunfire against Juan Arenas Martinez, which according to what was reported by Carabineros, maintained 7 previous arrests for various offences.
Police arrested two of the occupants of the truck and then had to confront the neighbors of the sector who reproached what happened. In this context, they even made use of the car launches water in the population.
The investigation into the death of the young man was in charge of the Homicide Brigade of the PDI.

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