translated from Spanish: José Letelier calms the nerves in the face of the World Cup in France: «It is another step, not the last end»

The coach of the Chilean women’s team, José Leteli Er, said the team’s historic participation in the World Cup in France must be an important step in the long road to professionalizing women’s football and not the final goal.
«The important thing is that the World Cup is not the ultimate goal, it can be a way to move forward but you can not pretend that it is just an event, will mark us a way forward,» Letelier said in an interview with Efe.
The World Cup of France, which will be played until July 7, will be the first to play in its history the Chilean team, which shares group with the United States-last champion-, Sweden and Thailand.
The Chilean coach called for prudence and not to generate expectations too optimistic because the red, said, will face rivals with more experience where women’s football is much more developed.
«We are located in a fourth line in the groups of the World Cup and about that we have to try to climb a little more. Illusions are ones, expectations also and reality is another, «said the technician.
«We intend to compete in a good way, to live up to this competition and that our idea of play can also be reflected in the games, understanding that we are going to face selections worldwide,» Letelier added.
Chile got the ticket to the World Cup in the Copa America last year, which against all odds was made with the second place behind Brazil.
The good role of the selection and the effervescence generated by the America’s Cup, which took place in Chile, provoked a turning point in a country where, said Letelier, women’s football is «in the process of development».
Several Chilean selections managed to make the leap to European football, mainly to Spanish teams, the interest of the media for women’s football increased and also the number of girls who started practicing the king’s sport was raised.
«The players have acquired a greater experience but we are a selection that has to live many things to be definitively consolidated. There are good players technically but we are going to face players of the same quality but faster, stronger and more experienced, «Letelier said.
The Organization of the U-20 World Cup in 2008 made it think that it could be a key moment for the development of women’s football in Chile, although it followed instability and amateurism.
Now, with the success of the America’s Cup last year and the dispute of the world Championship of France, the coach hopes that the final jump will be given.
«America’s Cup was much more media and we hope it will be the starting point for better development and that women’s football can have a good level of permanence,» Letelier said.
The trainer, an exarcher who was part of the Colo Colo that raised the Copa Libertadores in 1991, considered that the preparation of the World Cup has been impeccable.
The group has worked more than a year together, has the full support of the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) and has played friendly against the best selections in the world.

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