translated from Spanish: Mexican president to sell presidential plane to finance immigration plan

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), reported during this day that will sell the presidential plane to finance the country’s migratory plan, this in the context-on the one hand-of the reception of numerous caravans of displacement Two, coming from Central America, and the other from the pressure of the government of Donald Trump. According to the president, who asked the UN to carry out two appraisals, the value of the aircraft would be at a minimum of 150 million dollars, «and from there up.» At the same conference, he also indicated that there is a budget for the plan for combating corruption and austerity measures in public administration. The President and representative of the community «Morena», indicated that the budget for the migration plan «would come out of what we will receive for the sale of the luxurious presidential plane, name, as mockery, Jose Maria Morelos and Pavón, the Apostle of Equality, which He sought to moderate indigence and opulence. Then we do have a budget. » He also noted that the United Nations accompanies the Mexican Government in the process of selling that aircraft and other 70 aircraft and helicopters. On that line he pointed out that «we have budget for the plan. Human beings must think that where one eats, they must eat a hundred, one thousand, a million human beings. We have a budget because there is no corruption tolerated in the country and the Republican austerity plan, «he insisted. The president also expressed himself about the complex situation with the United States and the recent agreement reached with the White House, noting that it was a good deal to be reached on Friday. He also reaffirmed the country’s strong economic position, indicating that «the currency that has been most appreciated in the last few days is our weight» which is 19.11 per dollar. In that context he asked the people of Mexico to meditate on «How much we are saving ourselves to avoid the crisis. Nothing more than Monday to today, how much we have won, because we are doing well. Of course all these issues are controversial and the fourth transformation means guaranteeing the right to dissent, the right to critique. » He added that «we are not going to confront the United States Government and accept the challenge, the challenge of proving a different, humane, effective way, the Mexican way, to confront the migratory phenomenon. And we will succeed. » He finally asked the people of the Aztec country to «act with humanism, no xenophobia, which means hatred abroad. No migrant campaigns. That’s neither human nor Christian. I refer you to the Bible, which talks about how to treat the outsider. Who mistreats the foreigner, the migrant, the more he has to do it by necessity, does not act with humanism (…) This is very important, because conservatism always bets on that. We cannot give entry to this conception of rejection of migrants, he said.

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