translated from Spanish: Florence: Eat, dress, walk-the counter

Florence is a must stop every time I floor Italy. Although for some Milan is a must when you visit the country of pasta, for my Firenze has a magical and special touch with a much more local and not so touristy.
To begin with there is a factor that determines my love for this city, and it is that everything is close and you do not need to go by car to almost no place. Walking through its cobblestone streets and admiring the beauty of its architecture is a gift.
If you are fond of pasta, museums and fashion, you will appreciate this place as much as I do.
Restaurant right in front of the famous Ponte Vecchio, with a wonderful view and a great variety of wines. It is recommended to go for lunch, enjoy your terrace and scenery.

Gucci Garden
If you’re a fashion lover, you can’t miss this place. It is a concept store created by Alessandro Michele in the heart of Piazza de la Signoria. You can find a full floor with exclusive items that are only sold in this store, as well as a museum of old collections of the brand, and as if it were not enough, there is also a restaurant. But not just any restaurant, Gucci Osteria is in charge of the same Massimo Bottura, the famous chef of the Osteria FRANCESCAA located in Modena, awarded with three stars Michelin and awarded as the best restaurant in the world in 2018 by «The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants «. Yes or yes you have to make a reservation at least 3 months in advance.

Locale Firenze
A place of storytelling. It is a very well-decorated restaurant inside an old palace of the 13th century and was inhabited by the famous Medici family. The food is fabulous and the drinks too. The attention is first level, like the place itself, each lounge is decorated in a very special and striking way, and also maintains the place and certain decorations of hundreds of years ago.

It is a speakeasy set in the years 50. Very small, inside an underground. You have to ring a bell in the street and open the door, down stairs (half humdrum) until you reach the bar. Here, an important warning, prepared drinks are very bad, so go safely with a wine, beer or something you know.
Museum of costume and Fashion
Another museum you should go to if you like fashion. Old collections of the most famous fashion houses and true works of art of the most acclaimed designers.
Walking and walking
Florence is a small city that offers everything to do, flea markets and streets are full of shops, restaurants, craftsmen, etc. Walk again and again by the Ponte Vecchio that there is always something new to know.

Original source in Spanish

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