translated from Spanish: The presidential formula of Peronism received the winners of Mendoza

Anabel Fernandez and Jorge Tanús were talking with «Los Fernandez», for about an hour, on the situation of the province and the challenge that looms in the country. In turn, Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez, the formula of the Frente all, took advantage to congratulate the Dupla Mendoza for the result that led to the generals of September 29. The four agreed on the need to gather all the effort to succeed in Mendoza and throughout the country with the formula of the Fernandez and «to recover the dignity and better living conditions for the population as a whole,» they pointed out. Earlier, at the headquarters of the bank, Cristina and Alberto, along with Axel Kicillof and Verónica Magao (the formula that will compete in the province of Buenos Aires for the same space) participated in a meeting with much of the trade union movement. Cristina Fernandez dedicated a few words to the referent of the Banking Guild, Sergio Palazzo. » I had the honor of being the first president elected in this country. It may seem a lot of honor and indeed it is but I want to tell everyone and all that for me there is no honor greater than to be in the House of workers and to tell me Cristina, «he summed up. In this note:

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