translated from Spanish: Total turn in case Neymar: Police sued model accusing player of rape

In Brazil not all eyes are put on the Copa America. The case of Neymar, accused of rape by the model Najila Trindade, does not stop adding new antecedents. And even a total turn… Is that now the police denounced the woman for slander. According to Infobae, Commissioner José Fernando Bessa filed the lawsuit at the sixth precinct in Santo Amaro, in southern Sao Paulo, after the police considered slanderous the accusations made by the young woman in an interview with the SBT channel. Trindade reaffirmed in the interview, his accusation of aggression and rape against the striker of Paris Saint Germain and also accused of corruption to the police. The model was questioned by a supposed theft of a tablet in which he claimed to have evidence against Neymar and was reminded that the smell of fingerprints found by the authorities in his apartment were hers and her trusted employee. “The police are bought, aren’t they? Or am I crazy? “he said. Analyzing the content of Najila’s statements to the press, especially when it is questioned about the fingerprints taken at the door of his apartment, the honor of the police as an institution and that of the experts responsible for taking the Fingerprint material, “said the police complaint.

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