translated from Spanish: Vicuña prepares for the total eclipse of the sun and arrival of tourists

Two official points will have the commune of Vicuña for the ecli Total sun of July 2: the Pampilla de San Isidro and the sector of the river Elqui, specifically in Freire Sur street.
These points were recognized as official by the Regional Government of Coquimbo and are currently working to have the necessary security measures and to have the necessary implementation for those arriving at the site and the community at large.
«We think about our neighbors and tourists who may come for the day and look for a place to be and there are other services. All this regardless of the different places where people will be urged in our Elqui Valley,» said Vicuña Mayor Rafael Vera.
There will also be an event called the Pampilla del Eclipse, where there will be cooking stations, children’s games, peasant market and a musical show with musical bands.
Some of the points that have been considered by local entrepreneurs is to have a greater supply of their businesses, mainly in relation to the obtaining of food and drinking water.
«We have taken some steps which are aimed at having a good and faster attention to our customers. Prior to the days of the eclipse we will have open throughout the day, including the sunday day in continuous hours. An hour before the eclipse we will close our doors so that our workers can enjoy with their families this event and then we will open them when the eclipse is over,» said Carlos Pérez, Rivera supermarket manager, known Vicuña’s brand.
An important role in the distribution of bottled water in the days before and after the eclipse, it will also have this commercial venue as a water distribution point.
Another local company that has focused its efforts to supply is Mayu waters. «We have a fairly large stock with water in all formats in order to supply all our customers,» said Fernando Leiva, founding partner of the company.
Foreign visitors will also require domestic cash. Thanks to the efforts of the Vicuña Chamber of Commerce and the local municipality, the presence of a currency exchange house was confirmed, during the days that the activities scheduled for the eclipse will take place.
A larger number of ATMs were also managed through Banco Estado.

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