translated from Spanish: Jose Narro resigns from PRI, claims to be enemy of simulation

Mexico.- The former rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), José Narro Robles announced through his official Facebook account, he announced his resignation to the militancy of the Institutional Revolutionary Party after 46 years in that institution where he was also seeking national leadership.
In his message, José Narro made it clear that there is a candidate for a mode to preside over the leadership of the PRI, so he said he was against the simulation.

“Today I make public my decision to resign from being part of the #simulación in the process of electing the new leadership of my party, but also my resignation from the Official PRI Mexico, a party in which I campaigned for more than 46 years.”

He also mentioned that there is interference by the federal government in the internal PRI process, “if that weren’t enough, the federal government’s intervention in the same direction is rude.”
Similarly, he denounced that the trap is in the pattern that presents an unbridled growth of PRI members, particularly in the states of Coahuila, Oaxaca, Mexico City and Oaxaca, where a large number of hauls are expected for internal voting.
It should be remembered that one of the Mexican politicians who supported the candidacy of José Narro to chair the National Leadership of the PRI, is the former senator and former candidate for the government of Michoacán, José Ascensión Orihuela.

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