translated from Spanish: Son of Andronic Luksic takes the reins of Channel 13

A real earthquake shook channel 13 on this day. After quoting an emergency meeting, the channel’s executive plan reported that the current ceo, Javier Urrutia, had submitted his resignation.
Through an internal missive, the channel asked all officials to meet at 6.30pm in the Study of the Welcome program to report on Urrutia’s resignation. On the occasion the reason for the departure from Urrutia was not specified, but, according to the site El Filtrar, the presence of the outgoing director in Inés Matte Urrejola had suffered some problems, being the departure of Raquel Argandoña, who blamed him for his disengagement, one of the most controversial episodes.
Once Urrutia’s departure was confirmed, the channel confirmed its successor. It is Maximiliano Luksic Lederer, son of the owner of the 13th, Andronicluksic, who completes almost three years in the company.
The now new executive director holds a degree in Economics and Business from Babson College in Boston and holds a Master of Business Administration from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management (Switzerland). Since his arrival at Canal 13 in 2016, he has held various positions in the areas of sales, fiction and digital platforms. Since July 2017 he has been deputy chief executive of the station.

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