translated from Spanish: Police went to Boris Johnson’s home for a «dispute,» according to media

London–London police arrived at the home of Boris Johnson, favourite in the race to succeed Theresa May as British prime minister, after receiving a call reporting a heated marital dispute, the press reported. According to the Guardian newspaper, a neighbor called the police early Friday morning and said he heard a heated argument, with screams and slams, at Johnson and her partner, Carrie Symonds, in south London. 

According to the paper, Carrie Symonds was screaming «leave me» and «get out of my apartment.» A spokesman for London police confirmed that they had received a call from a local resident shortly after midnight on Friday. «The caller was worried about a neighbor’s safety,» she explained. 
«The police came to the place and spoke to all the residents of the home, who were well. The officers did not identify any violations or concerns, and there was no reason for police action,» he added. 

The neighbor, who said the altercation was recorded from inside his home, told the Guardian that he knocked on the door of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds, but no one answered. He claimed that he heard «two very loud screams» and a «big slam» that made the property tremble. Boris Johnson, former mayor of London and one of the main defenders of Brexit, will face former Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt for leadership of the Conservative Party.The 160,000 members of the lineup will appoint until the end of July victor, who will automatically become prime minister.

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