translated from Spanish: Concert hall in Santiago will have one of the best acoustics in the country

Argentine acoustic engineers Gustavo Basso and Rafael Sánchez will be in charge of design and construction of the concert hall that will be part of the new complex of the University of Chile, which will be constituted in a space of culture, citizenship and public policies steps from Plaza Italia.
This ambitious infrastructure project will host from 2021 the Institute of Public Affairs (INAP), the Institute for International Studies (IEI), the Postgraduate Department and the Center for Artistic and Cultural Extension (CEAC), where spaces will be available of rehearsal and presentation for the Chilean National Symphony Orchestra, the Chilean National Ballet, the Symphonic Choir and the Vocal Camerata, stable artistic bodies of our House of Studies.
Extraordinary acoustics
The team in charge of the project, decided to work with these experts to build a concert hall with more than a thousand armchairs and that has extraordinary acoustic conditions, which allows the attendees to enjoy a perfect sound inside an auditorium .
“This space will have the best quality concert hall in our country, thanks to the collaborative work developed by a group of Argentine acoustic specialists. And as a university we have incorporated them into this initiative with the aim of learning from the Argentine tradition and experience that they have developed in emblematic projects such as the Teatro Colón, recognized worldwide for their acoustic quality,” said rectorEnnio Vivaldi to the middle of La Nación, in a publication that highlights the work of the engineers and the new concert hall.
Gustavo Basso argued in the same medium that “it will be a modern theatre, with 21st century technology, probably similar to The Blue Whale, but no room is equal to the other. In the best rooms in the world, people feel like it’s wrapped in sound and it’s what we’re looking for.”
Vicuña Mackenna 20
The construction of the Vicuña Mackenna 20 project is already 10 percent advanced and is in the excavation and coarse construction stage. Argentine engineers supervise in the field that the digital modeling they created especially in this design and the use of any element that can change the acoustic balance of the room, which as it will be symphonic, will dispense with a scenic tower with curtain or backstage.
Gustavo Basso is an electronic engineer, professional violinist and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata, and Rafael Sánchez Quintana, an 80-year-old acoustic engineer. Together they have led important internationally renowned projects such as the preservation of the acoustic quality of the Teatro Colón, the Teatro del Bicentennial San Juan and the design of the Symphonic Hall La Ballena Azul of the Kirchner Cultural Center, among others.
The new complex of the University of Chile consists of three buildings, connected to each other, with a construction of more than 30 thousand square meters. Rector Vivaldi, who made a technical visit to the facilities, emphasized that this new infrastructure “will be a contribution to the culture, the citizenry, the history of Chile and the construction of the nation”.

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