translated from Spanish: Saudi Arabia attack: Yemeni rebels threaten new onslaught

Amid cross-accusations and rising crude oil prices, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, the perpetrators of the attacks on the Aramco Saudi oil plant, threatened to carry out a new attack.  «We have a long arm and it can reach anywhere at any time,» said the group’s military spokesman, Yahiya Saree, addressing the Saudi regime, which he asked to «review his calculations and end his aggression and blockade against Yemen.»
The Houthi threat included warning foreign citizens to avoid any kind of approach to oil plants, which they point out are still in the crosshairs.
Saturday’s attacks on the Abqaiq factory and the Jurais deposit in eastern Saudi Arabia turned out to be a huge size, as they caused the collapse of half of Saudi energy production, resulting in a 6 per cent decline in the pro translated into a sharp rise in the price of crude oil.
Trump pledges back saudi Arabia
After The Houthi rebels claimed the attack, the rising tension in the Middle East has increased with the interventions of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump himself. The U.S. government accused Iran of being behind what happened because of its support for Yemen’s rebels, something that was ruled out by Tehran.
For his part, Trump assured that his country does not need Middle East oil, but will back any action his ally, Saudi Arabia, takes. «We are a net energy exporter and now the number one energy producer in the world,» he wrote on Twitter. He added, «We don’t need middle eastern oil and gas and we actually have very few freighters there, but we will help our allies.»
Faced with the decline in Saudi production, Trump on Sunday authorized the use of oil from the country’s strategic reserves and added that it is ready to respond to the attack.
Drones didn’t leave Yemen
In addition to the accusations of involvement and responsibilities among the various governments that have been involved in this controversy, is expressed by the spokesman of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, Turki al Malki, who said that according to the Preliminary investigations, attacks on two plants by Saudi oil company Aramco were not launched from Yemen, as Houthi rebels claimed.
«The evidence suggests that they are Iranian weapons (…) Preliminary reports have not been launched from Yemeni territory,» the spokesman said at a press conference in Riyadh.

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