translated from Spanish: Lionel Scaloni, focused on Brazil: «We have to take it as a semi-final»

Lionel Scaloni showed up at the press conference and was unable to escape questions about Brazil. However, he also referred to lionel Messi’s level, De Paul and Acuña’s match and also about the performance of the team that appears to be going from lowest to highest. It was evident that Messi did not have his best match in the win over Venezuela, but was not the target of criticism. Still, the coach valued his work. «For us it is an essential contribution that is on the court. Everything he contributes in the locker room and inside, and maybe the thought would be different. It’s a big contribution to us, there’s no doubt about that,» he said.

On the other hand, he tried not to talk about specific cases but referred to Armani and the midfield duo composed of De Paul and Acuña, which they started from the banoc. «The archers are there to tackle. Today he had a good one and makes us happy. In this case, Franco did what he had to do.»» (De Paul and Acuña) we believe they are going in an upward rhythm. Rodrigo (De Paul) is a guy we bet on and besides being a great player, he has a group spitum that I think is important and the «Huevo» (Acuña) always played, in one position or another, and gives humility that is the most important thing. He ducks his head and wherever you tell him he has to play, he’s going to play.» Now comes Brazil and Lionel Scaloni referred to his past as a player and now his second experience as a coach (he fell 1 to 0 in Arabia). «I was lucky enough to play with Brazil, I was lucky enough to win and lose. We have to take it as an America’s Cup semi-final, not thinking we have our greatest rival, which enlarges the whole legend. We’re going to play a football game and provide a show that we hope will be for our advantage.»

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The game of Argentina: «We are satisfied with our work because they see improvement. Out there you want to see something else, we see an identity of players who play football for this shirt, we see a litter of important players who already have almost an America’s Cup on top and have the possibility to play a semi-final. That’s what we bet on, and that’s the most important thing.» Brazil as a local and favoritism: «It is concerned that brazil is. He’s an important rival, but we give a plus, we’re going to make our match and compete as we are doing. With the var issue it is very difficult for something to happen and we are not concerned about that. Everybody’s looking at it and I think it’s a lot cleaner.» The operation: «I think that the team has to play always the same, there are moments of the match that the opponent plays and beyond that we can debate whether they could put us in difficulty or not and there are moments that we have to know to be acpreferred. We don’t come out thinking it’s obligatory to win.»

«I think with Colombia the team played very well 25 minutes and today also played well for moments. You don’t have to keep the image of this last game. I think these players are trained, I have no doubts»How Brazil plays: The Brazil thing is pretty much what we see from when we face each other in Arabia. He is a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 half-liar with Coutinho. Now he has Everton who is the player to consider and we think we can put him in difficulty. It’s going to be a very nice match, very nice and we’ll come up with it to try to win it. What we can do better is sleep it where the match is crazy, and on the other hand it is logical with young players, maturity is about to reach it, it is where we could aim. What we are doing well is commitment, humility and work. In this note:

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