translated from Spanish: Messi: “They got tired of charging boludeces and today they didn’t go to the VAR”

As never before saw, hot and without any qualms, Lionel Messi was lapidary with the performance of referee Roddy Zambrano, who made a series of decisions that, in the opinion of the Argentine captain, decisively tilted the court in favor of Brazil.
“They got tired of charging boludeces in this America’s Cup and today they never went to the VAR. At the minimum of contact, I charged for them. There are no excuses, but hopefully the Conmebol will do something with this type of arbitration. Maybe I don’t think he’ll do anything because he’s running all over Brazil. They got tired of collecting baggy hands, fouls and criminals and today did not go to the VAR”.

Messi’s five sentences after defeat
“I’m teased. We did a good game, it wasn’t for it to end that way, they weren’t superior to us.”
“I hope these guys are respected because they did a big job. We can rest easy because Argentina has to keep growing.”
“Hot it’s hard but they came up with a goal out of nowhere because we went wrong and ended up defining only the one inside the area. We tried all the time and they didn’t generate us. We had occasions, we hit two shots on the stick, balls that ran all over the small area and the penalties that didn’t charge us.”
“You’re freaking out, they’re plays that take you out of the game. You see the referee isn’t being fair, but that’s no excuse. He told us to be calm but on the contrary, he disrespected us with the arbitration he did.”
“I think something new starts, something nice, comes a good litter and that loves the national team, that wants to be and that there is a future. You have to give it time and let them go on, not start giving them from the go.”
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