translated from Spanish: Reinaldo Rueda questioned Vidal’s presence and defended Gabriel Arias

The coach of the Chilean national team, Reinaldo Rueda, questioned the participation of midfielder Arturo Vidal for this Saturday’s match against Argentina, in the definition for the third place of the Copa América, to be played at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.
Due to an ankle ailment, an injury he suffered before the first half hour in the semi-final clash against Peru, the presence of the FC Barcelona player against the ‘albicelestes’ is uncertain. Even the steering wheel trained differently this morning, separated from the rest of his teammates.
«Arturo suffered a sprained ankle on the first goal against Peru and was able to bear it. He’s with the medical department, his involvement is uncertain for tomorrow,» he said.
«We all know his character, the doctors know that he is very strong, the more he is care. He’s in a lot of swelling and pain,» added the technician of Colombian origin.
On another issue, but also related to Vidal, Rueda completely delineated from the sayings of ‘8’ of the combined, who indicated that the definition of the third continental place is of no importance.
«Arthur’s statements may have been the result of the immediacy of losing the game, but it is an important match in every respect. For dignity, pride and closing a tournament in which something important was generated. At the front we have a great team and it will be very interesting. There is a willingness to play and wait for the situation of those who have played the most to evolve,» Rueda said.
The DT was also asked for insults and offenses towards the goal of Racing Club and his family, which intensified after the 0-3 fall to Peru in the semi-finals of the continental contest
«That’s a hot topic, the social media thing, it beats everyone in speed, anyone can write in a cowardly or irresponsible way. You don’t know if that information is so true or reliable and we’re all exposed to that. It will go through the character of each person how he assimilates it. The same thing happened in Colombia with Tesillo. You have to know how to classify where it comes from,» said the national team coach.
Another point that touched the californiar was the theme of the renewal in the ‘Team of All, pointing to some names. «It’s positive for the (Erick) Pulgar, (Paulo) Díaz, (Guillermo) Maripán, you have to look to be at the Olympics and the idea is to build a double payroll. That will make some more exposed, like Brayan Cortés. A projected job has been done to that,» he said.
Asked by the words of the goal Claudio Bravo, who claimed to be «available» to return to the ‘Red’ and clarified that his presence will only depend on Rueda’s decision, the coach merely said that «my respect, my apologies, but Claudio Bravo is not in the payroll of the Chilean national team and has nothing to do with tomorrow’s match.»
In a brief analysis of Chile’s participation in the Copa América in Brazil, the former coach from Colombia, Honduras and Ecuador noted that «the Copa America was positive so it was projected, the expectations were different (…) We all look forward to it and excited a little people, which is the saddest thing in not being able to take the other step. All the teams had a low match and we were against Peru, where many factors converge.»
As for whether tomorrow’s crossing will show something similar to the finals of ‘Chile 2015’ and the Centenary ‘USA 2016’, Rueda said that «maybe they arrive at different times. Argentina made a change after the World Cup, there are only 9 who were in Russia, Chile has a higher percentage, but both have a high level of competition. It’s going to be a very intense game.»
Chile and Argentina will face each other on Saturday from 3 p.m. at Arena Corinthians, under the arbitration of Paraguay’s Mario Díaz de Vivar.

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