translated from Spanish: Tevez compared Alfaro to Bianchi: “He’s just missing his (God’s) phone”

Boca knows that the goal is to fight for the Copa Libertadores or at least to be back in the final. For this, Gustavo Alfaro’s orders were fulfilled as to those who arrived (for now Alexis Mac Allister) and the chance not to lose any of the headlines, while defining some cases such as Benedetto and Pavón.In the middle, spoke Carlos Tévez , a referent of the former Hurricane team, which referred to the new season that begins and where the finals for the continental tournament, are just around the corner. Regarding DT, the captain was encouraged to buy some things with Carlos Bianchi.

Carlos Tévez compared Gustavo Alfaro to Carlos Bianchi. Photo: Twitter @BocaJrsOficial

“Today all it lacks is Bianchi’s (God’s) phone, which in the finals had that ball coming in, that you said “don’t come in” and came in and that changed your match,” Tévez said, during an interview with television outlets. In addition, he emphasized his relationship with the technical staff and that he has a treatment “with a lot of respect and always putting the shield first of all”.” We can sit down and talk and he’s very open. We tried to agree and do what’s best for Boca,” said the player who is Boca’s “flag” at this stage, as Alfaro himself said when he took over the institution in the last six months of competition, where he won the Argentine Super Cup and fell in the Super League Cup final against Tigre.

Tévez spoke of his new role in the team and his relationship with Gustavo Alfaro. Photo: Twitter @BocaJrsOficial

Leaving that behind, Boca is still in the preparation of the competition that comes against Athletico Paranaense and that’s why he gets in point with some pre-season matches. after the victory against America, the “Xeneize” faces Chivas of Guadalajara, and Tévez is among the headlines. However, sometimes he had to enter from behind and analyze his place on this campus.” Sometimes they saw me reneging and today I enjoy it all the time. I play or not, I always try to help my teammates. There are a lot of kids on campus and it’s important to play the role of the big guys so they know what it’s like to wear Boca’s T-shirt. I feel comfortable in that role,” Carlitos said.In this note:

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