translated from Spanish: Allanan wife’s home of former President Humala: Odebrecht case

Lima.- The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday raided the home of Nadine Heredia, wife of former Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, and another 26 properties and offices as part of the investigation for alleged corruption acts committed in granting Odebrecht the works of the Gasoducto del Sur.The break-in started in the early morning and is carried out by prosecutor Geovanna Mori, the team tasked with investigating the ramifications of the Lava Jato case in Peru, who applied for and obtained authorization from the Second Court of Specialized investigation into Corruption of Officials.

“It is established that the purpose of the required measure is to find goods and/or information that are of interest to the investigation, (…), agendas (annotations) emails, messaging, videos, audios, cell phones and any other means audiovisual or physical and/or computer document attesting to some kind of coordination among those investigated”, states the resolution, detailed in the newspaper El Comercio.
Wifredo Pedraza, Heredia’s lawyer, stated in statements to the media at the door of the residence that this is an “arbitrary” action, the result of “media pressure” against Humala and his wife, and added that so far there are no known “the elements of conviction” that led the judge to approve this measure. This raid comes after a series of Odebrecht’s internal documents revealing the alleged irregular payment of $3 million related to the Southern Pipeline, which was tendered during its Gobierno.La documentation records up to 17 payments linked to the award, in works in which Odebrecht, which in February signed a collaboration agreement with the Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office, had not recognized acts of corruption. The Southern Pipeline was awarded more than $7 billion in June 2014, in a tender that led to tax investigations into Nadine Heredia’s alleged collusion and incompatible negotiation offences.
This investigation parallels the case that is followed against Humala and Heredia for several crimes related to money laundering, for which the prosecution has asked Humala 20 years in prison and 26 and a half years for Heredia.La partner, according to the prosecutor’s office , would have received and concealed irregular money from Odebrecht and the Government of Venezuela to finance their 2006 election campaigns and 2011.La Brazilian construction company confessed that it paid $3 million for Humala’s campaign, of which one million was received personally by Heredia.

Ollanta Humala with his wife Nadine Heredia. EFE file.

The former ruler and his wife served until April last year nine months in pre-trial detention for this case, until a Constitutional Court decision ordered his release by overturning the detention. In Peru, in Peru, the former presidents Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006), whose extradition has been requested from the Authorities of the United States,Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018), are charged, while 36 months of house arrest, while while he has been asked to the United States authorities. that Alan Garcia (2006-2011) committed suicide last April, when he was to be arrested for acts of corruption.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. / AP.

In addition, opposition leader Keiko Fujimori has served 36 months in pre-trial detention since late last October, as has former lysor mayor Susana Villarán, who has been sentenced to 24 months in prison while under investigation. 

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