translated from Spanish: Mario Aguilar: «I wasn’t mistaken, but the government has tried to distort our movement and it’s not going to work for you»

In the process of reflection is the College of Teachers to continue the teaching stoppage that is already going for its seventh week, after the disputed decision of the bases of the teachers to continue with the mobilization Ation.
The teaching table met this day for more than three hours, and it is scheduled that tomorrow Friday will be the turn of the meetings of the communes and the Monday of the regionals. The key date will be next Wednesday, when a national assembly is convened to «give a boost» to the movement, explained the general secretary, Darío Vásquez. «The aim is for them to make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the unemployment situation, how it is at the moment, how they voted, and on Wednesday each region will come with their report emanating from the discussion of the bases and with proposals for the whole guild to take and the decision on how we are going to continue unemployment,» the leader said.
Aguilar’s leadership
In the middle of this scenario, the president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, defended his leadership style, even though his call to «replete» was not welcomed by the bases, and denied considering resigning.
 «I wasn’t mistaken because when you say your opinion and tell the truth, there’s no mistake. The leadership that I have and try to show is not the traditional verticalist, where the leader decides everything for the rest and the rest only aligns,» he explained in an interview with Radio Bío Bío.
In this regard, he emphasized that it was always considered that the issue would be solved by the basics.»  «There are different visions, and that this mechanism of democratic consultation of ours has proven to be valid and healthy,» he added.
Aguilar also challenged Mineduc, where they have put an emphasis on the division that demonstrated this guild vote. «All the time they’ve tried to install communication issues, distort, try to minimize our movement, but it hasn’t been much for them and I don’t think it’s going to work for them,» he said.
In this vein, Vasquez warned that the extension of unemployment «also complicates the government», because «regardless of whether it is not 100%, because all unemployment has some wear and tear, as long as there is a large sector of the unemployed magistrate, obviously that the Government is going to having a big problem with the education system, therefore there is also a responsibility on the part of the Government to also make a decision on how it behaves with us.»
«Who goes back is the minister»
Also pointed out to the ministry the second vice president of the guild, Jaime Gajardo, who has had public differences with the president of the College, Mario Aguilar.
 «Who ever goes backwards is the minister,» chile said on CNN, arguing that «she made a proposal, it was rejected; then he made another proposal, he refused again; and there was more than a month when he didn’t want to talk to the board, so it all piled up.»

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