translated from Spanish: Exhibition of the 6th Young Art University Competition in MAC Fifth Normal

Exhibition of the 6th Young Art University Competition
In Museum of Contemporary Art headquarters Quinta Normal, Av. Matucana 464. Fifth Normal Metro.
From July 20th to October 6th. Tuesday to Saturday, 11th to 19:00 p.m. Sunday. 11:00 to 18:00 hours.
Entry freed.
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Organized by Balmaceda Arte Joven and celebrating its tenth year, this contest has established itself as one of the highest references in the national cultural scene. Two creative residences in Chile and abroad are part of the contest’s recognitions.
The exhibition, which opens on Friday, July 19 at 7.30pm, includes photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations grouped on the Critical Belongings, Unstable Landscapes and Temporary Dilemmas axes.

Paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations make up the sixth version of the Universitario Contest Arte Joven, the most important mass exhibition of emerging creators in the country that, since July 20, is presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art headquarters Fifth Normal. The opening, open to all public, and award of the contest will be held next Friday, July 19 at 19.30 hours.
In this version of the competition, one of the highest references in the emerging art scene at the national level, the works of 22 students and 35 graduates of the careers of Visual Arts and Pedagogy in Visual Arts of the country, selected around three axes Theme: Critical Belongings, Unstable Landscapes and Temporary Dilemmas.
“This exhibition allows us to look at what young people are thinking artistically today, to witness the worldview that they have to inhabit. This event is fundamental to our mission, to support and offer a platform to disseminate to emerging national artists in the field of visual arts”, highlights Loreto Bravo, executive director of Balmaceda Arte Joven.

In this version of the competition they applied more than 300 projects, which were evaluated by a rigorous jury composed by the director of the MAC, Francisco Brugnoli, the coordinator of MAC headquarters Quinta Normal, Carola Chacón, the director of the Metropolitan Gallery, Ana María Saavedra and the visual arts coordinator of BAJ Metropolitana, Ximena Zomosa. The process focused on the artistic quality and depth of the proposals and resulted in the selection of the 57 artists who are part of the exhibition.
In addition to the exhibition, the competition offers training incentives through national and international artistic residences. The winners of this sixth version were Claudio Letelier, in the “student” category, who will be part of a residence in Comarca Contuy (Chiloé); and Dana May, in the “graduate” category, winner of a residence in Kiosko Galería (Bolivia).
The BAJ University Young Art Competition, an initiative supported by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has established itself as a benchmark in the emerging art scene at the national level. In its five versions they have nominated more than 2,000 artists and their samples have been visited by more than 30 thousand people.
Show 6th Young Art University Competition
57 Selected Artists
Catalina Barrientos Barrientos – Manuel La Rosa Valladares – Diego Fuenzalida Reyes – Daniela Araya Sánchez – Daniela Véliz Carbullanca – Sofia Fermandois Barros – Paulina Martínez Marín – Katherina Oñate Potthoff – Juan Pablo Céspedes Rodríguez – Paulina Maass Vera – Tomás Valverde Díaz – Andrea Olea López – Pamela Palma Olguín – Pilar Ortega Andreo – María José Flores Pinto – Nicolás Cox Ascencio – Fernanda Monroy Fernández – Javiera Depassier Lavados – Rodrigo Castro Hueche – Marcelo Mardones Valdés Dana – May – Valentina Gaete Urrutia – Dhara Linsambarth Villalón – Germán Fuentes Aravena – María Constanza Reyes Malschafsky – María Cristina Gacitúa Mansilla – Joaquín Ceballos Muldman – Paz Sandoval Fuentes – Eduardo Ortiz Ponce – Luan Krogh Campos – Ornella Bruno Canales – María Trinidad Barros Becker – Carla Tromben Siques – Natalia Montoya Lecaros – Daniel Aguilera Carrasco – Gustavo Alvarez Alvarado – Antonia Ruiz Murtagh – Fernanda Guajardo Quiñones – Connie Swaneck Santander – Claudio Letelier Rivera – Valentina Vargas Escobar – Katherine Henríquez Leal – María María Soledad Ramírez Torres – Catalina Suazo Pavez – Amanda González Sandoval – Paula Boche Montecinos – Flakoporsel – María Ignacia Valdebenito González – Valentina Davidson Vargas – Estivalis Lorca- Luna Moraga Mardones – .strid Martínez Peña – Amber Cádiz Véliz – Francisca Parra Fernández – Samanta Nash Muñoz – Benjamín Carrasco Zapata – Martina Mella Yáñez.

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