translated from Spanish: Tiziano Ferro married her boyfriend after three years of romance

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Italy.- After a three-year romance, Italian singer Tiziano Ferro married her boyfriend Victor Allen. Ferro shared on her Instagram account a photograph of the link where she looked very smiling with her now-husband.
“Life and its incredible turns. I cannot wait to share with you this story of jewel and celebration of love,” he wrote to accompany his publication.
Ferro gave the wedding exclusive to Vanity Fair Italia, in whose next issue the details of the link will be counted. The 39-year-old singer and Allen, 54, had already secretly married in Los Angeles on June 25, but this Saturday’s one was a civil ceremony in Italy at Ferro’s house in Sabaudia.
“Marriage is a shocking thing. because with marriage it becomes part of my family and this is a truth that cannot be silenced,” Titian said.
The husbands decided to dress in blue and gray for the ceremony, just as they did at their wedding in Los Angeles and their rings had different dates: Allen’s celebration in Italy and Titian’s in the United States.
Titian thanked her parents for the support they gave her and remembered when Allen wrote to Titian’s mother to express her happiness at being her son-in-law, to which she replied “to me you already are.”
According to Vanity Fair, the couple did not want gifts, so they donated the ones they received at their wedding in Los Angeles to a dog-rescue center, while those at the Italian wedding were assigned to the hospital’s oncology department in Latina.
Ferro was very popular in Mexico when unfortunate statements made him look bad in front of the public. In 2006, on the RAI’s Che Tempo Fai program, Titian said:
“It is not possible to say that Mexican women are the most beautiful in the world, with all due respect, because they are Bigoton. I understand and I’m sorry, but even they know it themselves.” His words caused outrage and Titian apologized and hoped he would be given a second chance in the country, but he never had the same popularity again.
In 2010 the singer gave again what to talk about when he revealed that he is gay through the book Trent’anni e a chiacchierata with papa (Thirty years and a talk with Dad).
In a previous interview with Vanity Fair, Titian revealed that he had long been unwell and it took him a few years to analyze certain things like his relationship to homosexuality.
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